onsdag 29 februari 2012


Today it was good weather so we took some time off and went with the children to the Mickeltemplet, the ski stadion in Särna. This ski area is operated by volunteers and the Särna Sk. And they are doing a relay good job. They take care of the cross country skiing tracks and organize all kind of activities during whole year. In the summer time you can buy maps with orientation points.

We want to thank both Särna SK and the volunteers for this.
For more information is here the link to their website: http://www.sarnask.com/. Sorry only in swedish

On the slope they build a  ski-jump. And even Signe, 7 years did make a jump. It was a wonderful day.

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Traditional tour with horses and sledges from Falun to Röros

Today did the traditional tour Falun-Röros arrive Särna. I heard during this visit of the visitors it was good to keep up the memory´s from the old day´s. And that´s true. You get a special feeling when you see them coming in the traditional clothes and materials for the horses. So we want to thank the Dalarna Femund Förkörarförening for this.

I will write a bit more about this tradition but first some pictures.

Dalarna Femund Förkörarförening

Is a Swedish/Norwegian organisation that was formed to preserve and document förkörarculture in Scandinavia, build in 1999.

Before there were any roads, it was only in the winter you could transport goods. Frozen lakes and swamps were used to reach the towns and markets.

Every year they travel another route. The longest one was in 2003 from Falun till Rösos. Here is the link so you can see the movie they made about this  journey:  http://www.lomviksgarden.se/se/fork%C3%B6rarna-390309. Here you will also find information about the organisation.

In Rösos is the market. Perhaps not so much traditional products as in the earlier days but it´s still a great event. Special on the first day when the all the horses and sledges do there entrance. You can follow Leife and Anike from Idrefjälls buss och taxi on their bus trip to this opening day.

We hope to see you welcome you once to attend this wonderful event.

lördag 11 februari 2012

New furniture in the dinging room

After 51/2 years with us and who knows how long with other owners was it time to say goodbye to the tables and seats in the dinging room. They have done their work but it was not save to sit on them longer and repairing them was not a option. And we had all kind of different seats so no entity.
So we bought new furniture. We had to put together the furniture self so hello screwdriver and glue here we come. And the result is there. Finally entity in the dining room.