onsdag 27 juni 2012

Walking in Linnaeus footsteps to the top of Städjan

Today we walked with the children from the after school care in Särna to the top of Städjan. 

A big challenge but we all have reached the top! The children have all reason to be very proud of themselves. What a perseverance!

During our walk did the children find all kind of interesting things.  And when we had a pause we examined all collected. The biggest award was the reindeer horn. Forgot to take a picture and the trophy is now at the after school care.

We also learnt more about how to use a compass and a map. The children found out they could make a small fire with a magnifying glass.

So we have had a GREAT day . We want to thank all the children, mormor Kerstin, Inger and Kurt for that. And the kitchen for the food!