onsdag 12 december 2012

Nomination Årets Nybyggare!

Turistgården has been nominated for the award Årets Nybyggare. It´s a award for company's with a foreign background, a role model and a source of inspiration to others and have contributed to local growth.

The motivation for the nomination from the jury: 
Dick och Karin at Turistgården in Särna working professional with packaging and development of products in nature och ECO-tourism. The couple is a model  for how to establish business and become involved in social development in a small town

On the 31 January is the Stjärnagalan in Falun and then will be announced the winner. We are one of 3 contenders from Dalarna. Here some information about the nomination and the gala ( sorry in swedish)

So Falun we will be there the 31th of January

måndag 8 oktober 2012

We like our job!

We love our job! Together with Särna Turist Association we started a project:  Developing Nature and Culture tracks around Särna. We want to develop more all season turism in Särna. You have to think about biking, walking, cross country skiing, horse riding, dog sledge tours  We do not make new tracks we only develop and connect the ones witch we already have.  The first thing we have to do is to make a list of all interesting tracks in the area. And we have to test them. And we like that part! We take our MTB and test all kind of routes.  One of the tracks we want to develop is the old railway.

Last week ( 3 oktober 2012) we wrote on our Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/turistgardensarna)

Today did we do some fieldwork for our project developing nature and culture tracks in Särna. We took our MTB and did a 20 km trip along the road, through the forest and the old railway. We met pigs, goats, cows, dogs and birds. And all this in a beautiful area with wonderful autumn colors

And we did continued testing today, the 8 oktober.  

When we started the weather was not that good but it became a relay beautiful day. On some parts of the old railway it was not possible to bike because the track did not exist anymore on other parts the underground was to soft. 

                                                    This was our view during our lunch 

Here some nature and culture tracks in the landscape

And we found out our neighbors in Norway already have snow. Well we are happy with the autumn weather so if it´s up to us can the snow come in November.


söndag 12 augusti 2012


Yes! Today was there only sun shine! and it was warm so we took a few hours off .

With help from the children did we walk to the lake and we had a great time. 

onsdag 27 juni 2012

Walking in Linnaeus footsteps to the top of Städjan

Today we walked with the children from the after school care in Särna to the top of Städjan. 

A big challenge but we all have reached the top! The children have all reason to be very proud of themselves. What a perseverance!

During our walk did the children find all kind of interesting things.  And when we had a pause we examined all collected. The biggest award was the reindeer horn. Forgot to take a picture and the trophy is now at the after school care.

We also learnt more about how to use a compass and a map. The children found out they could make a small fire with a magnifying glass.

So we have had a GREAT day . We want to thank all the children, mormor Kerstin, Inger and Kurt for that. And the kitchen for the food!

onsdag 18 april 2012

Mr winter is back

And it´s white again. April does what he wants. It started snowing Sunday evening and it stopped on Tuesday evening, approx. 10 till 15 cm new fresh white snow
With mixed feelings do I look at this. The snow is coming two weeks to late. We needed it with the Easter holiday´s. It´s beautiful when the sun is shining and the sky is blue but it felt so good to see the grass getting greener.

Last week on Friday did the children play out side and one of the girls wanted to have here sunglasses and her sunhat. It was summer she said. It was even possible to dry our laundry out side. 

 It looks like all the drivers from the plowshares are on a holiday

And from the 15th April is it no longer allowed to drive on studded tires. I´m not sure who made this rule but this person certainly don not live here.

söndag 8 april 2012

Happy Easter

When we think of Easter we think of snow, sunshine and skiing ( both cross country and alpine). But this year
it feels like it´s already springtime. The snow is almost gone. The weather is good and warm during the day and cold during night. But the snow quality on the skiing areas Idre Fjäll and Fjätervålen is icy so conditions are not good for a nice cross country trip. But that´s no problem for our guests. They enoy themselves with reading and walking. It´s perfect for a walk in the forest and on the fjäll because the snow is real hard so easy walking.

Also this year we had our Easter package. Our guests for this package arrived on Friday. On Saturday evening we had our traditional Easter buffet with lamb, chicken stew, salmon stew, various types of cold salmon, salad, potatoes, Easter cake and ice cream. The children did a dance show and they are relay good!

On Sunday did the Easter bunny paid us a visit and he did hide lots of  bunnies, eggs and chickens from chocolate in the garden. The children liked it. The adults enjoyed the sun and a good cup of coffee prepared on open fire. A very nice and relaxed afternoon!

onsdag 29 februari 2012


Today it was good weather so we took some time off and went with the children to the Mickeltemplet, the ski stadion in Särna. This ski area is operated by volunteers and the Särna Sk. And they are doing a relay good job. They take care of the cross country skiing tracks and organize all kind of activities during whole year. In the summer time you can buy maps with orientation points.

We want to thank both Särna SK and the volunteers for this.
For more information is here the link to their website: http://www.sarnask.com/. Sorry only in swedish

On the slope they build a  ski-jump. And even Signe, 7 years did make a jump. It was a wonderful day.

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Traditional tour with horses and sledges from Falun to Röros

Today did the traditional tour Falun-Röros arrive Särna. I heard during this visit of the visitors it was good to keep up the memory´s from the old day´s. And that´s true. You get a special feeling when you see them coming in the traditional clothes and materials for the horses. So we want to thank the Dalarna Femund Förkörarförening for this.

I will write a bit more about this tradition but first some pictures.

Dalarna Femund Förkörarförening

Is a Swedish/Norwegian organisation that was formed to preserve and document förkörarculture in Scandinavia, build in 1999.

Before there were any roads, it was only in the winter you could transport goods. Frozen lakes and swamps were used to reach the towns and markets.

Every year they travel another route. The longest one was in 2003 from Falun till Rösos. Here is the link so you can see the movie they made about this  journey:  http://www.lomviksgarden.se/se/fork%C3%B6rarna-390309. Here you will also find information about the organisation.

In Rösos is the market. Perhaps not so much traditional products as in the earlier days but it´s still a great event. Special on the first day when the all the horses and sledges do there entrance. You can follow Leife and Anike from Idrefjälls buss och taxi on their bus trip to this opening day.

We hope to see you welcome you once to attend this wonderful event.