tisdag 31 januari 2012

It´s cold again

This morning when i started the car is was cold but at that time I didn´t realize it was -20. So not that much out side activities today. Except filling our wood stock. A good workout and you get warm.

Then i was time to prepare for the course witch will be held tomorrow at our place. Dalalyft is holding a Exel course here for small company´s.

Before getting the children I took some photo´s in the village.

fredag 27 januari 2012

We made a special price package for people who want to walk in the beginning of the sommar 2012

Walking in the footsteps of Linnaeus to the top of Städjan, northern Dalarna

On the 16th juli 1734 Carl Linnaeus wrote in his diary:
After we had rested overnight in the forest was it a tough journey trough the wild forest en a horrible path trough the mountain ridge named Gränjes åsen.
From here they went up on this high and long-awaited mountain, on the top tips we rested a while. This mountain was a right fjällmountain, for it´s top went up into the so called "secondam aëris region", above the tree level.

Städjan,a 1131 m high peak, looks like a Vulcan and dominates the whole aria. The vegetation in the mountains of rice and  lavhedar. On Städjan west slope will you find a very old pine forest. 

Dick and Karin wish you a warm welcome to join us on this historical tour 

Dates: 15-17 June and 25-27 Juni 2012

Price : 1349 kr ( regular price 1749 kr pp but HI Hostel members ore STF members get 400 kr discount) 

What´s included: Accomodation incl bedsheets, towels, final cleaning, 2 Ecological breakfast, lunchbag, halfday guided tour incl. refreshments and guide

torsdag 19 januari 2012

Working together with STF Narvardalen and STF Tre Björnar in Älvdalen

Our goal for 2012 was/is to create packages so our guests will stay a few day´s more in our Commune.

And we worked with our STF colleagues in Älvdalen ( 80 km from Särna) and made a great package for this autum.

Six day canoe and bike experience in northern Dalarna to remember long and well

Two and a half day paddling along the glittering and flowing Österdalälven, with fishing spots,  and 2,5 day biking on picturesque forest path, overnight stay in a electric free wilderness station with sauna and wild animals just around the corner.

A gently dipping preformed biking tour on varied gravel roads to the village Älvdalen. On top a private, cultural and porphyry guided tour  in the village. You are guaranteed lots of fresh air and new ideas from both nature and lokal culture.

Dates 2012: departures from the 18th of August till the 7th of October .
Note: no departures on 1, 2, 3 of September


Day 1  Arrival, dinner and accommodation STF Turistgården in Särna

Day 2 After breakfast transport to Särna Camping for the canoe turnover en then it´s time to start this adventure

Day 3 You continue your canoe trip along the Österdalälven with slightly streaming water, breaks and opportunity for fishing or animal observation. Wilderness camping along the river in orderplaced resting places.

Day 4 Today is the switch to the bike. We meet at the Trangsletdam. The bike tour to Wilderness station Narvardalen will take 15 km. If you want to take a sauna do you have to heat it up by your self.

Day 5 half day bike tour to the village Älvdalen. Here do you check in in the cosy STF Hostel Tre Björnar , accommodation and dinner included.

Day 6 After a good night sleep and breakfast it´s time for the culture part of this trip. With your guide you will explore Älvdalen and the Porfyrmuseum. In the late afternoon will the bus bring you back to the startingpoint in Särna. ( Alternative: book one night extra at STF Hostel Tre Björnar and bike back to Särna, 80 km will take approx. 6-8 hrs incl breaks)

Price: Memebers Hi Hostel/ STF 3999 kr per person
Non memebers 4349 kr per person

2,5 day canoe trip
2,5 day MTB rent
Transport bike/Canoe to the meeting point Trangsletdamen
3 nights accommodation: STF Turistgården, STF Tre Björnar and STF Narvardalen
3 breakfast: STF Turistgården, STF Tre Björnar and STF Narvardalen
1 lunchbag:  STF Narvardalen
Guided tour Älvdalen

Optional and additional information:
Price per person. You bring your own food during the canoe trip, sleeping bag for wilderness camping, staying over in the resting places ( 60 kr pp pn) Bus on the way back to Särna day 6 ca 85 kr pp. Extra night STF Tre Björnar day 6, Bike rent day 7 (250 kr pp)

Prerequisites: Able to swim 200 m, minimum 20 years and older

For more information please contact us: +46 ( 0) 253 10437


tisdag 17 januari 2012


This weekend it snowed. We love it! 

We rent out snowshoes of the mark TSL, different sizes. Also children size.

The weather was good so Dick took the children with him for a walk on snowshoes. 

Of course did the girls want to have the pink snowshoes. And the youngest in the back carrier..

For Måns was it the first time on snowshoes. They walked 2 hours and he still liked it!

As reward was there hot lemonade

söndag 8 januari 2012

A nice day

Today it was-14 gr and a sunny day. So playtime with the children. We made a fire and grilled marshmallows and cooked coffee on the fire.

torsdag 5 januari 2012

We have had a visit from the child care and after school care

Yesterday and today did they visit us

With the children from the after school care did we make a fire. They have found themselves in the forest material they could use to start a fire. With a flint knife they tried to make fire. 

While waiting for warming trough the fire did we do an experiment with warm water, so the children now understood why they have to wear a hat when it´s cold.  Then it was playtime with snow. We have dug out a snow cave. As reward was there hot chocolate and hot dogs, and that was well received.

We want to thank all the children and staff for their visit and welcome back. We also want to thank the parents that we could borrow their children.

onsdag 4 januari 2012

Wonderful day in Särna

A wonderful day! Sunny and not cold. So I made a few pictures around the house.

söndag 1 januari 2012

Happy new year!

We want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Our goal is to create more activities so tourists will come to this area and stay a few day´s longer. And you?