fredag 27 januari 2012

We made a special price package for people who want to walk in the beginning of the sommar 2012

Walking in the footsteps of Linnaeus to the top of Städjan, northern Dalarna

On the 16th juli 1734 Carl Linnaeus wrote in his diary:
After we had rested overnight in the forest was it a tough journey trough the wild forest en a horrible path trough the mountain ridge named Gränjes åsen.
From here they went up on this high and long-awaited mountain, on the top tips we rested a while. This mountain was a right fjällmountain, for it´s top went up into the so called "secondam aëris region", above the tree level.

Städjan,a 1131 m high peak, looks like a Vulcan and dominates the whole aria. The vegetation in the mountains of rice and  lavhedar. On Städjan west slope will you find a very old pine forest. 

Dick and Karin wish you a warm welcome to join us on this historical tour 

Dates: 15-17 June and 25-27 Juni 2012

Price : 1349 kr ( regular price 1749 kr pp but HI Hostel members ore STF members get 400 kr discount) 

What´s included: Accomodation incl bedsheets, towels, final cleaning, 2 Ecological breakfast, lunchbag, halfday guided tour incl. refreshments and guide

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