tisdag 21 maj 2013


         A new partner in Norway?

We are developing new packages for our guests and we want to offers them walks and biking tours round the beautiful Fulufjället, both in Sweden and Norway. So we need partners in Norway who can take care of our guests.

Today did we have a meeting with Cindy from Ljöratunet i Ljördalen, Norway. 

A warm welcome with coffee and sandwiches. We had a good talk about working togher, what we both can offer and expect from a partner. Cindy showed us the property and we went to the entrance from the National Park Fulufjället on the Norwegian side. 

We continued our tour to the beautiful waterfall: Bratåfallen.

It was a good day and we agreed to continua developing a package with Ljöratunet in Ljördalen: http://www.ljoratunet.no/

We want to thank Cindy for today! We meet again! 

måndag 8 april 2013

Mors Lilla Olle room

And here is the last renovated room: Mors Lilla Olle.

Curious about the story round Mors Lilla Olle: welcome to stay at B&B Turistgården and read more about this little boy.

It´s a double room and this room has a balcony. But its possible 
to rent this room as a family room, because beside the Mors Lilla Olle room is a other double room and they are connected with a small corridor and than you have a family room.
This room is along in the B&B concept.

lördag 6 april 2013

Dog sledge tour, good food and a hot tube

That`s a good recipe to have quality time with friends. And a good opportunity to thank them for their help when we were on our study trip to Belgium.

We went on a dog sledge tour with Adventure Dream http://www.adventure-dreams.se/ ) We did a 30 minute tour and it was great. The children loved it, Freya in special because she had the chance to try all the sledges.

And then it was time to eat:
Smokes Salmon, Potato Gratin, salad, pasta, meatballs. It tasted good after the dog sledge tour 

And then it was time for the hot tube. The children had a great time.

We want to thank our friends for this lovely day. It was a great way to thank you!

( pictures made by U.Pettersson)

söndag 17 mars 2013

                             Time flies

Long time ago we wrote something here. That will say we have been busy. 

Here a list from things we have done during the past months:

* Testing routes for the project developing nature and culture tracks in the area around Särna. And finally we have been informed that the project has been approved and that means financial support from Leader Södra Fjällen.
At the end of September we have to finish the project. Our slogan:

Ett gott samarbete är nyckeln för att öppna dörren till ett helt samhälle där turismen är navet

* We are renovating in the house. Here some pictures from the rooms. All the rooms are themed: Dalahästroom, Mörkretroom. Ans right now we are working on the Mors Lilla Ole room. 


Mörkret Room

* Changed our name in B&B STF Turistgården. Our guest can  choose between Hostel standard: Room incl Sheets and made beds or B&B Standard: room inkl sheets, made beds, Ecological breakfast, towels and end cleaning. 
We are from the 1 mars bookable via booking.com:

And we already received a view bookings! 

* We were closed for one week in February for a study visit in Belgium. Here we have had contact with a tour operator Anders Reizen and agreed the write a walk of 12 days there we cross the border. Here we need new contacts in Norway! 

* We received from guest nice postcards and presents:

*We were nominated as Årets Ny byggare. So we went to  the Stjärngala in Falun. It was a special day. We did not win but made so many many new contacts. 

* Our guest can rent our new Hot Tub. And the once who did loved it.

* Developing new activities for coming season. Here a test from the children to sleep in a snow cave:


onsdag 12 december 2012

Nomination Årets Nybyggare!

Turistgården has been nominated for the award Årets Nybyggare. It´s a award for company's with a foreign background, a role model and a source of inspiration to others and have contributed to local growth.

The motivation for the nomination from the jury: 
Dick och Karin at Turistgården in Särna working professional with packaging and development of products in nature och ECO-tourism. The couple is a model  for how to establish business and become involved in social development in a small town

On the 31 January is the Stjärnagalan in Falun and then will be announced the winner. We are one of 3 contenders from Dalarna. Here some information about the nomination and the gala ( sorry in swedish)

So Falun we will be there the 31th of January

måndag 8 oktober 2012

We like our job!

We love our job! Together with Särna Turist Association we started a project:  Developing Nature and Culture tracks around Särna. We want to develop more all season turism in Särna. You have to think about biking, walking, cross country skiing, horse riding, dog sledge tours  We do not make new tracks we only develop and connect the ones witch we already have.  The first thing we have to do is to make a list of all interesting tracks in the area. And we have to test them. And we like that part! We take our MTB and test all kind of routes.  One of the tracks we want to develop is the old railway.

Last week ( 3 oktober 2012) we wrote on our Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/turistgardensarna)

Today did we do some fieldwork for our project developing nature and culture tracks in Särna. We took our MTB and did a 20 km trip along the road, through the forest and the old railway. We met pigs, goats, cows, dogs and birds. And all this in a beautiful area with wonderful autumn colors

And we did continued testing today, the 8 oktober.  

When we started the weather was not that good but it became a relay beautiful day. On some parts of the old railway it was not possible to bike because the track did not exist anymore on other parts the underground was to soft. 

                                                    This was our view during our lunch 

Here some nature and culture tracks in the landscape

And we found out our neighbors in Norway already have snow. Well we are happy with the autumn weather so if it´s up to us can the snow come in November.


söndag 12 augusti 2012


Yes! Today was there only sun shine! and it was warm so we took a few hours off .

With help from the children did we walk to the lake and we had a great time.