tisdag 21 maj 2013


         A new partner in Norway?

We are developing new packages for our guests and we want to offers them walks and biking tours round the beautiful Fulufjället, both in Sweden and Norway. So we need partners in Norway who can take care of our guests.

Today did we have a meeting with Cindy from Ljöratunet i Ljördalen, Norway. 

A warm welcome with coffee and sandwiches. We had a good talk about working togher, what we both can offer and expect from a partner. Cindy showed us the property and we went to the entrance from the National Park Fulufjället on the Norwegian side. 

We continued our tour to the beautiful waterfall: Bratåfallen.

It was a good day and we agreed to continua developing a package with Ljöratunet in Ljördalen: http://www.ljoratunet.no/

We want to thank Cindy for today! We meet again! 

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