måndag 8 april 2013

Mors Lilla Olle room

And here is the last renovated room: Mors Lilla Olle.

Curious about the story round Mors Lilla Olle: welcome to stay at B&B Turistgården and read more about this little boy.

It´s a double room and this room has a balcony. But its possible 
to rent this room as a family room, because beside the Mors Lilla Olle room is a other double room and they are connected with a small corridor and than you have a family room.
This room is along in the B&B concept.

lördag 6 april 2013

Dog sledge tour, good food and a hot tube

That`s a good recipe to have quality time with friends. And a good opportunity to thank them for their help when we were on our study trip to Belgium.

We went on a dog sledge tour with Adventure Dream http://www.adventure-dreams.se/ ) We did a 30 minute tour and it was great. The children loved it, Freya in special because she had the chance to try all the sledges.

And then it was time to eat:
Smokes Salmon, Potato Gratin, salad, pasta, meatballs. It tasted good after the dog sledge tour 

And then it was time for the hot tube. The children had a great time.

We want to thank our friends for this lovely day. It was a great way to thank you!

( pictures made by U.Pettersson)