måndag 8 oktober 2012

We like our job!

We love our job! Together with Särna Turist Association we started a project:  Developing Nature and Culture tracks around Särna. We want to develop more all season turism in Särna. You have to think about biking, walking, cross country skiing, horse riding, dog sledge tours  We do not make new tracks we only develop and connect the ones witch we already have.  The first thing we have to do is to make a list of all interesting tracks in the area. And we have to test them. And we like that part! We take our MTB and test all kind of routes.  One of the tracks we want to develop is the old railway.

Last week ( 3 oktober 2012) we wrote on our Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/turistgardensarna)

Today did we do some fieldwork for our project developing nature and culture tracks in Särna. We took our MTB and did a 20 km trip along the road, through the forest and the old railway. We met pigs, goats, cows, dogs and birds. And all this in a beautiful area with wonderful autumn colors

And we did continued testing today, the 8 oktober.  

When we started the weather was not that good but it became a relay beautiful day. On some parts of the old railway it was not possible to bike because the track did not exist anymore on other parts the underground was to soft. 

                                                    This was our view during our lunch 

Here some nature and culture tracks in the landscape

And we found out our neighbors in Norway already have snow. Well we are happy with the autumn weather so if it´s up to us can the snow come in November.


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