onsdag 18 april 2012

Mr winter is back

And it´s white again. April does what he wants. It started snowing Sunday evening and it stopped on Tuesday evening, approx. 10 till 15 cm new fresh white snow
With mixed feelings do I look at this. The snow is coming two weeks to late. We needed it with the Easter holiday´s. It´s beautiful when the sun is shining and the sky is blue but it felt so good to see the grass getting greener.

Last week on Friday did the children play out side and one of the girls wanted to have here sunglasses and her sunhat. It was summer she said. It was even possible to dry our laundry out side. 

 It looks like all the drivers from the plowshares are on a holiday

And from the 15th April is it no longer allowed to drive on studded tires. I´m not sure who made this rule but this person certainly don not live here.

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  1. Wat weer een prachtige plaatjes, veel liefs en groetjes uit Harlingen waar de bollen in bloei staan en de bloesem aan de appelboom zit.